Monday, April 27, 2015

4 ck april

my child tyran talked about undercover cops my answer was cops have to do tough stuff to catch bad guys

my child Sadie talked about lunch for her teacher i told her the lunch sounded great

my student Alva talked about pretty little liars i commented and said that i havent seen the show but will check it out

Sunday, April 26, 2015

blog post 5 part 2

i used face book as away to keep up with teaching activities i follow teachers lounge  the group posts fun facts about teachers activities and other teacher goals.

Blog post 15

seniority distraction is a very serious issue in the teaching career. in the article "Teaching our children can be a profession" The author talks about problems in the teaching profession. He talks about how we need to recruit teachers in a new way and how we need to only hire the top 3% as teachers. Plus the problem with tenure teachers. I agree with the problems that are listed except for the top 3%, because even if you are super smart doesn't mean your a great teacher. Some people are so smart that they don't get the fact that some students have trouble understanding. Where as a teacher that has had to study and struggle will understand that students are having trouble and actually help them. Another issue that was brought up was that teachers should be revered as the same level as doctors and lawyers. I do not agree with this statement. Doctors and lawyers go to school longer,pay more and, have more of an important job. Sure we teach the kids of the future but we aren't saving lives and putting away criminals.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

C4T #4

in the post the author talks about how they sat students down and let them break down a content standard. The point was to get the kids to understand the why and how of the lesson. Meaning why they do it and take another perspective on learning. The kids broke down the standard in a simplistic form and explained what and why they did it the whole point was to see if students could understand the text. Plus figure out the meaning of it.

blog post 13

I feel like the we could have done more hands on type of work in our Physical Education field. I feel like most of the projects are based on more teacher class room stuff. But As a physical educator i feel as we are felt out. A project that we could have done is teach a sport or a exercise type of project as teaching a lesson. this project would benefit us and other education majors a like. By video taping us doing a specific lesson according to our field of study it would show us what is needed and how to act in front of a class. Plus being able to practice a skill we can actually use and with being a video a person can watch it and learn from mistakes.